Thanks Juyeon, I made a mess in Granny’s flat

Few days ago I received a parcel from my Korean friend Juyeon, (this is the reason why this article is written english). She is founder and designer of MACHAMBRE and she sent me superb winter clothes. Unfortunately these are not available yet in France but hopefully they will become soon.
Behind this kind gift lies a doubt : is the style Parisian enough ?
To this question I answer « of course, and so much more » as I could appreciate how soft and warm they are. But I also wondered if they were snow proof. These pictures will show you the conclusive evidence.
The shoot was fun, but I made a mess in Granny’s flat.
Thank you Juyeon for this delicate touch ;)

« Free from constraints of time and space »



Juyeon offered me this superb wool coat and wool skirt as well as this lovely blouse


It was a pleasure to discover Granny’s treasures (here is a fabulous bird statue)


It’s snowing in Granny’s flat 


Until my pockets


Statement : clothes are snow proof


So let’s play

And let’s dance



Big thanks to my friend Pernette, the photographer.

You can have a look at the products here.