Shot de luxe avec Ronit Genik

Intense, surprenant et terriblement remarquable… Partageons un shot de luxe avec Ronit Genik, créatrice du label new-yorkais Reverie
what is luxe ?
Démonstration ou art de vivre, à chacun son luxe, à chacun sa manière de l’exprimer. Notre invitée très spéciale nous fait le plaisir de se prêter au jeu en répondant à cette vaste question. Elle partage avec nous sa vision du luxe à travers son regard de designer.
« Luxury is a simplicity, making a statement with an idea, shape, color, texture.
I find Luxury in inspiration, and I am usually inspired by nature and beauty of details.
For my collection, I was inspired by the science in nature, in the light, transformation of clouds and lightning. 
I created a whimsical, euphorial collection to inspire us in our every day lives. 
From a coat made of clouds or a dress with a shot of electricity, it creates a statement to remind us that nature is all around us and there is no more luxury than that. »

« Sheer silks and textures create beautiful overlays and play on light through colors and silhouettes. Light also inspired the thought process behind the prints. 
Researching how clouds produce lightning and lightning inspired light bulbs, prints were inspired by nature to man made resulting in dreamy clouds, graphic lightning and enigmatic bulbs.
Exclusive clutches in the collection’s inspired prints are in silk twill and soft pebble leather, making it the must have accessory this season. »



Retrouvez les créations de Ronit sur son site.

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